Functional Vilnius 7: It's F# time!

Posted on November 13, 2015 by Ignas

Hello functional people,

We are excited more than ever to announce our next meetup, because we are lucky to have some Big Names on our speaker list this time.

Speakers and talks

Thanks to the Build Stuff 2015 conference, many software development experts are going to be in Vilnius next week. We have managed to lure in some F# enthusiasts speaking at Build Stuff to also come enlighten us and give us a view of functional programming from their camp!

Rachel Reese, Type Providers

Our first speaker is Rachel Reese, who’s among other things a math geek, an F# MVP and a big voice in the F# community.

She will introduce us to a very cool feature of F# called Type Providers, which can be used to achieve type safety when interfacing with external entities.

Phillip Trelford, Generative Art in F# and OCaml

Phillip Trelford is a very early F# adopter and advocate and the co-author of F# Deep Dives.

He will entertain us with a talk on generative art done functionally! Expect some pretty pictures and elegant functional code.


Date: Thursday, November 19, 19:00

Location: VU MIF, Naugarduko g. 24, LT-03225 Vilnius
Map: here

Please RSVP here.

f(by) ticket lottery

Our friends in Belarus are inviting us to join their first, international conference on Functional Programming – f(by). It will happen on the 28th of November in Minsk, with a focus on Scala and Haskell.

What’s even more, they promised us a free ticket, that we are giving away to our community, so please come to the meetup for a chance to win one!