Fourth meetup details

Posted on May 23, 2015 by Slava


Well… once again, please please fill-in our survey. We already have some preliminary results but still need some more data. Sure we will discuss the results with community.

Meetup details

This time we meet on Wednesday, 27th of May this time in Wix office (Rūdninkų g. 2) at 19:00.

Please RSVP the meeting here.


“Introduction to Rust” by Nerijus Arlauskas (@nercury)

Nerijus will give us a brief introduction to Rust (which is finally released), explain its safe low level control mechanism, type system, and some reasons it is easier to understand from functional point of view.

“Monoids and friends” by Saulius Valatka (@saulius_vl)

Saulius Valatka will continue our journey of exploring algebraic structures in programming. Here’s his abstract:

“In this talk we will take a step back and focus on the simplest algebraic structures out there: monoids and their friends like semigroups etc. We will demonstrate how natural and ubiquitous they are in real life using tons of examples.”