Functional Vilnius #3: Living without Objects and with Free Monads

Posted on April 14, 2015 by Ignas

Hi friends,

The end of the month is near and so is our next meetup.

Date and venue

Some announcements

Speakers and talks

“Free Monads”, Alexander Gryzlov, Adform

In the previous meetup, Rolandas has warmed you up with the monad introduction and now it’s time for something more. Alex will present the very cool concept of Free Monads in Scala.

For homework reading:

“Living without Objects”, Osvaldas Grigas, Inventi

Abstract: “Transitioning from OOP to FP can be quite challenging, not least because OO programmers are not used to thinking in terms of verbs instead of nouns. Non-hybrid functional languages do not allow falling back to class hierarchies, so one is forced to learn to think in terms of verbs and find other ways of doing polymorphism and composition. We’ll investigate some examples of that in Clojure.”

Read the full description and RSVP in the event.